Wireless Internet

High speed wirless internet for home and business. FIBER based Broadband (Neo Fiber)

Have No Limits

(Speed, Data, Preference Sites)

Radio and Communication

Looking for a two-way radio for personal, leisure or business use? We're on your wavelength

Radio and Communication

Our diverse array of portable and mobile two-way radios offers solutions that better enable you to efficiently coordinate and communicate with your on-the-go workforce.

CCTV Surveillance

A surveillance camera is a great way to provide security for your home or workplace.

CCTV Surveillance

A surveillance camera is a great way to provide security for your home or workplace. As well as providing you with video footage of any events which may happen, they also act as a visible deterrent to criminals.
Communicate Your Way!

Your Two Way Radio Communications Experts

Vonitel Radio hires and sells high quality two way radio systems or as some might prefer walkie talkies. We are official distributor of two way radio systems for Icom, Motorola, Kenwood, and Vertex Standard. We are dedicated to provide technical support, rapid response repairs and top quality service.

Let our enthusiastic customer service team help you to maximize outcome of radio systems at your home or business for minimal cost! Call now (015) 516 0835

Super-fast Fibre-optic over Wireless Broadband Internet

Whilst we all have very different connectivity needs, one is common to us all; to realize a high-speed and low-cost service. We believe the location of your home or business, should have no bearing on the quality and range of services you can choose from.

Cutting edge long range wireless technology coupled with carrier grade fibre-optic hardware provides fast, reliable, secure Internet even for ‘broadband slow spots’, isolated homes and businesses, remote locations and rural communities.

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