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Services we offer:

Two-way Radios

Specializing in programming & repairing on a variety of radios including installing of Base & Mobile radios, Vonitel has the complete service team when it comes to Two-way Radios.

We also offer a large range of radio communication devices with brands such as Hytera, iCOM & Kirisun with only the best deals heading your way each month!

How can these products get handy? Well two-way radios are used daily in the security, farming & engineering industries. Nowadays even schools make use of it to regulate hosting events, but most of all it can save you a lot of trouble when it comes to your own safety, especially when there is no cell signal.

CCTV Systems

With our range of home- or office based camera models we can offer you an exclusive CCTV operating system. This system can be viewed anywhere, anytime from the comfort of your couch to your office, or even from your hotel suite to your home system!

With our team of trained professionals we can assist with maintenance & updates of the CCTV software and keep you aware of all activity happening at your situated locations.

AJAX Smart Alarm Systems

What can I make my Ajax system do?

Ajax can be easily expanded with entry, fire and flood detectors, as well as relays for managing electrical appliances remotely. You can purchase and add additional devices to the system individually. Detectors can be connected with a few taps in the mobile app.

“How it all began…”

In 2001 Vonitel was established by Tobie van den Heever, who is still the current CEO of the company. Back then Vonitel only specialized in Two-way Radio communication & later on decided to aim for a larger, grander vision which started with Wireless Internet.

We provide a wide internet network, stretching to places such as Thohoyandou, Soekmekaar & Beitbridge at the border of Zimbabwe. With this development of networking, CCTV equipment became one of our products & services we have to offer. Today we proudly specialize in not only one service, but THREE! We are a strong team here at Vonitel with only a few employees but with the knowledge & heart to change your world.

Help us to help you communicate your way!